Unleash The Magic of The Blue Lotus Flower

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Spiritual and Physical Benefits of Egypt’s Favorite Flower "The Blue Lotus Flower"

As we slowly recover sacred knowledge that was lost or destroyed due to colonization, we are collectively weaving together the wisdom of our ancient ancestors. Information on how to access our own consciousness and heal ourselves with the power of the plant remains a cultural truth common to many ancestral lineages.

History - The Lotus, The Pharoah and The Chantress

Of the majestic world of powerful flora, the Blue Lotus Flower stands out as a symbol of elegance and grace. This exquisite flower has a rich history dating back to the Kemetic civilization of Egypt where it was highly regarded for its extra-sensory properties.

Lotus symbols are scattered throughout the Temples of ancient Egypt and line almost every noble’s tomb. The chantresses of Karnak are depicted using the Blue Lotus flower in ritual preparations for their royals transition to the afterlife. The flower is also shown being worn by chantresses in tantric sex rituals, hinting at its properties as an aphrodisiac. The Pharoah’s themselves can be seen offering it with honor to their gods, discussing with their deities its brilliance and chanting its praises.

Similar to the dating of the mushroom, fossil records show that the Blue Lotus flower has been growing in Mesopotamia for millions of years. There is quite literally MILLIONS of years of intelligence held within this flower.

So what is its spiritual use today?

Purify your third eye, connect to your higher self, spirit, and source of all that is. The Blue Lotus Flower’s color, indigo, corresponds to the third eye chakra and was known by the Egyptians as “the gateway to the divine”.

The third eye chakra is perhaps the least understood chakra in western cultures. It corresponds to an individual's pineal gland. The pineal gland is a pine cone shaped organ deep inside the brain that functions as the brain’s radio receiver. It holds the ability to access divine levels of consciousness and experience the mystical first hand. Most of us who haven’t devoted a lifetime to spiritual practice have calcified pineal glands or “third eyes”.  This is a terrible tragedy that has befallen our modern culture during the long period of time we’ve been kept in the dark by organized religion and led astray by from our own divinity. 

The third eye holds the power for any individual regardless of race, culture, religion, or ethnicity to experience the Divine directly. This is where the Blue Lotus Flower can help. Steeping it in a tea, brewing it with Cacao or smoking it like cannabis before a mindful practice of any kind can help to reactivate this dormant energy center.

Blue Lotus supports in:

  • clarifying your inner visions
  • facilitating the meditative state
  • lucid dreaming
  • higher levels of awareness
  • strengthening your intuition
  • experiencing the mystical firsthand
  • accessing your higher self’s wisdom directly

What are its physical benefits?

Known scientifically as Nymphaea caerulea, the Blue Lotus Flower was also used by many ancient cultures medicinally. The Egyptians used it to alleviate various ailments, including anxiety, stress, and insomnia. Many today find it to be an excellent sleeping aid, noting that it helps them relax and unwind before bedtime.

Its high level of antioxidants and psychoactive alkaloids can also serve in supporting anxiety relief. Soaking with the flower in a salt bath makes for a potent energy cleanse that can calm almost any nervous system.

ELOAH’s Blue Lotus infused Bath Soak is meticulously crafted to evoke deep relaxation, healing, and peaceful restoration for those in need of a nervous system reset. Sandalwood + Mint essential oils combined with the magic of Blue Lotus petals join forces to powerfully detox the body, mind, and soul.

In the realm of skincare it stands out as a true gem. This elegant bloom exudes regality and refinement. It offers a plethora of glow enhancing benefits and is our favorite natural ingredient for younger looking skin! Due to its rich antioxidant properties, Blue Lotus not only kickstarts your skin's collagen production but also restores elasticity and vibrancy, bringing it back to its full buoyancy potential. Its ability to calm and nourish the skin can leave more acne prone complexions feeling balanced.

It also provides support for your skin by:

  • protecting from air pollutants and environmental toxins
  • shielding from UV rays, which can lead to premature aging
  • acting as a natural humectant, locking in moisture*

*this property makes it an ideal remedy for those with dry or dehydrated skin, as it helps to replenish, restore and give your skin a luxurious glow.

Check out ELOAH’s all natural Blue Lotus Facial Oil designed for anyone who wants to slow their skin’s aging process and restore their glow.

As we uncover the history of the Blue Lotus Flower, we discover a tale of regal beauty and healing properties that have transcended time. Its legacy is a symbol of purity and serenity that continues to enchant and inspire, reminding us of the enduring power of nature to nurture both the body and soul. Embrace the royal treatment of the sacred Blue Lotus Flower and unveil the beauty it can bestow in your life.