Awakening the Divine Feminine Within

A Self Guided Journal For Healing Your Inner Child, Reclaiming Your Sovereignty, and Manifesting Your Dreams.

As the Feminine Aspect of a Masculine dominated Universe rises after some 2000+ years of repression, much of our pain is being brought to light but also an opportunity for an entirely new form of power to be harnessed. The Feminine Energy rules our connection to the natural world, the cosmos, our intuition and is creation itself. It is our mission to awaken the Goddess of infinite potential that exists within you, for whom a life of mediocrity simply will not do. Our time on this planet is too short to be stuck living in anxiety, depression, self doubt or lack.

Our Journal's Method takes you through four sections of self-transformation, each offering guided meditations paired with sound frequencies (easily accessed via QR Code) that help to tune and rebalance your energy centers (also known as chakras) and promote self-healing. As we work up the Chakra System from Root to Crown, more energy will be freed from negative blocks (or trauma) stored in the body and restored to its natural flow. You will be taught how to alter your own frequency so that you may come into alignment with the reality you are actively creating, magnetizing you to your desires and strengthening your power as a Feminine Creator.

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Throughout various spiritual traditions you will find one commonality connecting them all, according to various sacred texts everything was created through the power of sound.

In the Genesis creation story: "in the beginning there was the "word", the Lord said let there be light". The god Thoth in the Egyptian tradition would think of an object and speak its name, bringing it into existence. From the Hopi tradition the Feminine sings the song of creation over inanimate objects and brings them to life.

The ancient mystics knew then what quantum physicists are just beginning to rediscover now, that everything is in a state of vibration and harnessing the power of sound can unlock infinite healing and creative potential. In Cymatics - the study of sound and vibration made visible - you can observe the sacred geometric masala shapes that are formed from different frequencies coming through water.

Awakening the Divine Feminine Within's guided meditations are intentionally designed to create harmonic alignments within your 70% water based body. Each is paired with a Solfeggio Frequency - specific tones that due to perfect mathematical aspects are believed to stimulate profound healing and vitality throughout the entire body. As you journey through the journal, these tones will not only help clear and balance your chakras but also help your mind enter a meditative state much faster.

Meet Your Guides

Sasha Khat Carmichael - Creator & Co-Author Student of Spiritual Science

As a childhood trauma and domestic violence survivor, Sasha’s healing journey has been anything but easy. Raised as the only child in a profoundly religious single-parent household, Sasha faced excommunication from the Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the age of 17, leading to the disownment of her family and friends.

Sasha battled and overcame severe depression and anxiety as an adolescent and still navigates the ramifications of complex PTSD.

After just 2 years of actively practicing mainfestation techniques and studying the Laws of the Universe, she now calls a picturesque beach town her home, has established a career as a Conscious Entrepreneur, and passionately shares her love for music with the world as a DJ. Her mission is to offer the wisdom she’s gained from living her story in service to those overcoming hardships, urging others never to abandon their dreams and to cultivate self-love as if their lives depended on it.

Claudia Bykowski


Female writer, poet, and podcaster Claudia Bykowski has been exploring consciousness through eastern philosophies, discovering the Truth of her soul, and living life holistically aligned with Earth’s cycles.

For most of her life she felt out of place and alone even in a room full of people, which led to depression, loneliness, anxiety, and health issues that began to strip her life force away. She spent the last few years devoted to healing her body, mind, and spirit holistically and searching for Truth.

The idea of creating a journal dedicated to the feminine, came after she embarked on a deep journey of inner-self discovery where she began to find solace and peace in what seemed like darkness and void. She began realizing how much she’d transcended her own limiting beliefs through writing and deep self reflection. Her story of deepening the love, acceptance, and worth within herself has inspired her to become a guide for other women journeying toward a state of peace and home within themselves.

The greatest gift one can give is the reflection of their divinity and wholeness and the tools to heal and return to love within.

Claudia Bykowski - Co-author and Poet"

Samantha Bruce

Visual Artist & Storyteller

In the intricate tapestry of Samantha's life, resilience and creativity have been the threads that wove her back together after enduring profound trauma. Born in Ohio, Samantha's early years were marked by challenges that would have left many broken. Yet, she emerged from the shadows, not just surviving but thriving through the healing power of creativity.

Four years ago, Samantha embarked on a courageous journey into the realm of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy to confront the complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD) that had been a constant companion. With the guidance of a skilled therapist and a dire need of healing, she traveled deep into the innermost corners of her psyche.

This journey was not without its challenges. Samantha faced her fears head-on, navigating the tumultuous landscapes of her memories and emotions. The psychedelic medicine served as a catalyst for profound introspection and allowed her to reframe her traumatic narratives. The healing process was not linear, but each session became a stepping stone towards a renewed sense of self.

As Samantha's healing progressed, so did her artistic expression. Her work in visual storytelling blossomed like never before. Samantha loves capturing moments of beauty and resilience, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary; weaving together visuals and narratives that resonate with the human experience.

In her quest to empower others on their healing journeys, Samantha was honored to contribute her artistic talents to "Awakening The Divine Feminine Within." The decision was deeply personal, rooted in her understanding of the profound connection between creativity, healing, and enlightenment. Her designs are a visual testament to the strength and beauty that emerges when one embarks on the path to reclaiming their power and divine feminine essence.

Samantha is a testament to the indomitable human spirit, illuminating the path to healing and awakening the divine within us all; proving that even the darkest of nights can give birth to the brightest of days.

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