Discover the allure of Eloah’s magickal botanicals.

Naturally active our ingredients are meticulously selected and sustainably sourced from the sacred plants of the Saharan Lineage.



Blue Lotus
[bloo low·tuhs]

Unleash the glow of the goddess.

Used by the Ancient Egyptians to connect with the gods, Blue lotus is the key to unlocking your skin’s divine essence. Extracted from the shores of the Nile, this magical flora kickstarts your skin’s collagen production, restoring elasticity and vibrancy. Its deeply hydrating properties make it an excellent choice for dry and sensitive skin types, while its rich antioxidant content helps to counteract the aging process. Blue lotus also boasts anti-inflammatory effects, calming irritation and redness while promoting an even skin tone. Spiritually this flower connects to your third eye chakra and is believed to increase intuition and facilitate lucid dreaming. Integrating blue lotus into your skincare routine will leave you feeling as bright, unblemished and glowing as Marrakech at dawn.


A holy elixir, raise your skin's vibration.

Highly valued in the ancient world frankincense has been known as a “holy oil” for its high vibrational frequency of 147 MHz. Derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree, frankincense combats free radicals and helps to prevent collagen breakdown, maintaining the skin's youthful structure. It possesses potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that help reduce redness, shield from harmful UV rays and prevent signs of aging. Its ability to promote skin cell regeneration supports in healing scars and blemishes, while its astringent qualities help to tighten the skin and minimize pores. Frankincense is an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy and youthful complexion long term.


Revitalize with history’s anointing oil.

Another high frequency ingredient, Myrrh has been used in sacred anointing ceremonies dating back to the 13th century. Vibrating at 105 MHz, Myrrh Oil is extracted from the resin of the Commiphora tree. It soothes irritation, reduces redness, and prevents free radical damage, protecting against premature aging. Myrrh also promotes skin healing by stimulating blood circulation and encouraging cell regeneration. In addition, it retains moisture in the skin, promoting a smooth and supple texture.


Nourish with nature’s green miracle.

Moringa, known by the ancient Egyptians as Bak, was so highly valued that it was considered sacred and was etched into the walls of their New Kingdom temples. Known as the "miracle tree," the clear, nearly odorless yellow oil is derived from the seeds of Moringa Oleifera, a small tree native to the Himalayas, North Africa and Morocco. Moringa offers a plethora of benefits for the skin. Rich in antioxidants it fights free radicals and preserves youthful texture, while its emollient properties work to create a moisture barrier, sealing in your skin’s hydration. Moringa oil deeply moisturizes without clogging pores and its detoxifying abilities naturally purify the skin. Moringa is a versatile skincare ingredient that provides natural sun protection, further enhancing its miraculous abilities.

Desert Date

Feel the feather-light touch of the desert’s oasis.

Packed with fatty acids like omega-6 and omega-9, antioxidants and vitamin E, Desert Date Oil is known for its ability to even skin tone, strengthen the moisture barrier, improve skin elasticity and protect from environmental factors. Its oil is derived from the Desert Date palm shrub that grows in drier regions of North Africa. A cousin to Argania Spinosa from which Argan Oil is derived, Desert Date offers a sustainable alternative as Argan is vastly over harvested and becoming increasingly scarce in the region. Just like its far-reaching roots seeking water deep within the desert soil, Desert Date's oil is fast-penetrating and soaks into the skin like a dream. Those with oilier skin types need not fear as Desert Date Oil has a surprisingly dry touch, leaving a non-greasy sheen and a radiant glow.

Blue Tansy

Imbibe a botanical gem.

Harvested from the Moroccan shores of the Mediterranean, the Blue Tansy Flower is a hidden jewel known as a potent healer for acne-prone skin. With natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, Blue Tansy combats acne-causing bacteria and promotes a clearer complexion. It activates skin renewal, improving texture and tone over time while its balancing effects help regulate oil production for a more harmonious complexion overall.

Cocoa & Mango Butter

Indulge in nature's luxury.

The ultimate feast for your body's largest organ, Cocoa and Mango butter are rich in fatty acids that moisturize layers deep leaving skin soft and supple. Packed with antioxidants, they protect the skin from free radical damage and promote a youthfully plump complexion. Their powerful healing properties help repair damaged skin, improve overall texture and can reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Additionally, they soothe inflammation, making them ideal for skin irritation and sensitivity. With their ability to enhance elasticity and act as natural emollients, cocoa and mango butter will leave you as bright as the star Sirius at midnight.

Jojoba Oil

Harness molecular synergy.

Jojoba Oil is harvested from an evergreen plant with exceptionally long-chain fatty acids. With a unique molecular structure that closely resembles the skin’s natural sebum and a diverse spectrum of fatty acids, a natural synergy among the molecules occur that helps hold on to water and prevent evaporation. An exceptional moisturizer that deeply penetrates without clogging pores, Jojoba oil’s balancing properties make it the ideal ingredient for both oily and dry skin types.

For the Soul


Indulge in sweet serenity.

Vanilla's use as a home remedy for anxiety and depression date as far back as the 17th century. Its soothing effect on the mind and body helps to ease tension and promote emotional regulation. Its moisturizing effects contribute to a smoother complexion, aiding in skin brightening and gentle exfoliation. Incorporating vanilla into self care routines can offer a holistic approach to nurturing yourself from the inside out.


Purify your aura, heal your soul.

A powerful detoxifier and natural purifier, Mint works to extract and neutralize negative energies trapped deep within the body. The invigorating scent of mint uplifts the senses, refreshing tired skin and promoting a sense of rejuvenation from within. Additionally, mint can serve as a gentle exfoliant, leaving skin smoother and brighter. Wash away the past and emerge as your best version with the power of Mint.


Elevate your sensuality.

Cherished in Persia, Greece and Egypt for its healing powers the name itself is Persian meaning: "a gift from God". Today Jasmine is used widely by Aromatherapists to support weight loss, boost metabolism, and serve as an aphrodisiac and antidepressant. Perfumers across time have paired its potent scent with all things involving love, romance, passion, beauty and seduction. Its sweet floral notes coalesce with a deep muskiness that exude a sensuous energy. In addition Jasmine brightens skin. With natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic qualities it is ideal for treating acne prone and sensitive skin types, restoring lustre and evening texture. Rich and intensely powerful, trust Jasmine to bring the magick to any of your occasions.


Restore your sacred essence.Known as "liquid gold" for its precious nature, Sandalwood’s aroma has been used to counteract anxious thought and promote an easeful state of mind across many cultures. Used in sacred rituals as a natural anti-depressant and energy clearer, Sandalwood facilitates the release of emotional blockages stored within the subtle body. Rich in antioxidants, sandalwood protects against aging by reducing stress, wrinkles, fine lines and aids in healing scars and blemishes.