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The brand's creation was fueled by a passion for nature and a commitment to spiritual evolution. The idea incepted at the crossroads of internal and external beauty, prompting the question: How much more powerful could the latter become by nurturing the former? Echoes of wisdom spoken centuries long past suggest that our external world is merely a reflection of our internal state.

The term "ELOAH" is derived from a Hebraic word found in the ancient sacred text now referred to as “The Bible”. Its meaning - the Feminine form of the word God. Unfortunately, she was removed long ago, leaving only Elohim, her masculine counterpart, for the masses to interpret.

Eloah transcends the realm of natural skincare; she is a renaissance, an unshackling, a revelation of the rise of the Divine Feminine Energy within each of us. As we collectively usher in a new age, we find ourselves at a pivotal moment to shape not only the future of our planet but also that of generations to come. The choice is ours: will we persist in exploiting Mother Earth and chasing the golden carrot that still has yet to be found, or will we slow down, re-examine, regenerate and look within?

We know which way we’ll be walking. Although it is perhaps the road less traveled, it's much more scenic over here; we warmly invite you to walk alongside us for however long you feel called.

About the Creator

Meet Sasha Khat

As a creative Sasha has found her greatest source of inspiration through her connection with the Divine. Her mystical nature has been a challenge to navigate in today’s modern world but her work to integrate what she’s learned from her explorations of spiritual realms into the physical has been her greatest honor.

Sasha began sacred self-care practices as a way to cultivate her self-love. After tiring of hearing stories of harmful toxins lurking in mainstream beauty brands she decided to create a line of products powered purely by Mother Nature. Drawing from the rich beauty rituals of her Moroccan lineage, she set out to rebirth them in a way that wouldn’t compromise luxury for sustainability. Sasha found her way to her most vibrant self yet by harnessing the energy of the sacred plant and using it with intentionality. It is her wish for every woman to experience beauty they can not only see but feel.

Meet Sasha Khat