Blue Lotus Oil
Blue Lotus Facial Oil
Blue Lotus Oil
Blue Lotus Facial Oil
Blue Lotus Facial Oil

Luxor Oil - Blue Lotus Facial Oil

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Blue Lotus + Blue Tansy infused Moringa & Desert Date Oils with Jasmine Essential Oil - Sacred Anti Aging Healing Oil

Revitalize + Energize + Glow

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Luxor Oil - Blue Lotus Oil 

Rejuvenate and renew your skin with Luxor Oil's feather-light facial oil that enhances your natural glow. The secret to this transformative elixir lies in the Blue Lotus Flower, an ancient Egyptian flower cherished by the Royals for centuries.  Unveiled after years of secrecy, this sacred flower not only kickstarts your skin's collagen production but also restores elasticity and vibrancy, bringing it back to its full buoyancy potential.

Our carefully crafted oil blend includes:

  • Desert Date Oil - Hailing from the Saharan regions of North Africa, this omega-packed, antioxidant-rich oil is a sustainable alternative to Argan oil. Abundant in Vitamin E, it offers a lightweight solution to nourish your skin.
  • Moringa Oil - Revered by ancient civilizations like the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, this superfood's oil boasts 7 times more Vitamin C than an orange. It brightens hyperpigmentation and acts as a moisture-sealing emollient.
  • Babassu Oil - A stalwart defender against free radicals and sun damage, Babassu Oil also softens fine lines and wrinkles, preserving your skin's youthful radiance.

    Known as the highest vibrational substances found in nature, meticulously selected Essential Oils are added to our ultra-nourishing blend to enhance the magic. 

    • Jasmine Essential Oil - Infused for its alluring and calming fragrance, Jasmine contributes to a serene mindset, making it an ideal companion for your hectic day. 
    • Blue Tansy Essential Oil - Harvested from the Moroccan shores of the Mediterranean, Blue Tansy is another enchanting blue flower known as a potent balancer for acne-prone skin.

    The Blue Lotus Flower not only played a crucial role in the lives of its Ancient Egyptian Stewards but also held spiritual significance. Depicted in Hieroglyphs as a gateway to the Divine, this magical flower is believed to enhance the function of a person's third eye and facilitate lucid dreaming.

    Treat the Body as a Temple, Raise Your Frequency.  Elevate your skincare ritual with Luxor Oil – where nature meets radiance.

    Suggested Use:  Apply 3-4 drops of Luxor Oil to cleansed face & neck in the morning and 4-8 drops at night. Allow 2 - 3 minutes for the oil to absorb before applying moisturizer or makeup.

    Ingredients:  Moringa Oil, Babassu Oil, Desert Date Oil, Blue Tansy Essential Oil, Jasmine Essential Oil, Blue Lotus Flowers

     ELOAH, a boutique brand specializing in consciously crafted, all-natural bath and body products, is committed to quality, transparency, and sustainability. Our remedies are meticulously produced in a zero-waste facility in the United States and thoughtfully packaged in recyclable materials. 

     At ELOAH, it is our mission to restore the Feminine to its sacred Divinity through high vibrational self-care and ritual.